Concrete Pools

Concrete Pools & Spas

We are experts at building custom concrete pools & spas that integrate perfectly into their surroundings and compliment backyards and structures.

Interior Finishes

We offer a range of concrete pool interior finishes to suit everyone's price point. Anything from the new, modern and sophisticated version of pebblecrete with vibrant glass beads that make your pool sparkle, to the stunning top of the range fully mosaic tiled pool.


Our Promise

Our knowledgeable and reliable builders make your entire project from start to finish as seamless and stress-free as possible. Here's what you can expect from us:

  • A magazine-finish backyard
  • Well-informed, personalised advice
  • Excellent quality and customer service
  • All warranties, insurances, and guarantees
  • A competitive price point

Most Recent Concrete Project

Glebe - Concrete Pool

"Andrew helped with all the paperwork, permits, and getting the city to sign off. He was really helpful when it came to making sure we knew exactly what was going on throughout the process. Putting in a pool can be stressful, (especially with all the rain we had ) We have a very small space but Andrew made it work and it looks and runs great. The perfect plunge pool for Summer. Very happy."

- Simone J.


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