Northern Rivers Area

Expanding Our Horizons

At North Side Pools, our passion for crafting beautiful swimming pools has led us to extend our services to the picturesque Northern Rivers region. With over two decades of experience in the building sector, we're thrilled to bring our expertise to this unique corner of Australia.

About North Side Pools

North Side Pools is a well-established name in the fibreglass and concrete pool industry. Our dedicated team of pool experts, led by principal builder Andrew Koorey, boasts a keen eye for design and a commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.


Our Expertise

Each project at North Side Pools, including those in the Northern Rivers area, is meticulously managed by Andrew Koorey. Drawing from his extensive experience in outdoor construction, Andrew ensures the design, quality, and finish of every pool exceed expectations. Our specialization in both fibreglass and concrete pools means we can tailor our services to suit your budget.

We Are Certified Dealers and Pool Installers For:


More Than Just Pools

Beyond our pool building expertise, we are fully licensed and insured in structural landscaping and carpentry, sparing you the hassle of coordinating multiple contractors. We're your one-stop-shop for a comprehensive backyard transformation, offering services like decking, outdoor tiling, pergolas, cabanas, carports, retaining walls, CDC & DA management, and more.